Human resources for primary health care in Africa - HURAPRIM

HURAPRIM is an EU-funded international research project aimed at assessing and developing interventions and policies to address the personnel crisis in the health sector, especially in Africa.

The project brings together 6 committed African partners (5 universities and 1 non-profit organization) from different parts of the continent and 3 experienced European universities.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Asses the scope of the deficit in human resources for health care in Africa, with a focus on primary health care
  • Identify and analyse the main causes of this deficit
  • Develop, review and test possible interventions and strategies to address this shortage
  • Formulate scientifically sound, acceptable and feasible policy directions for the future

Read the interview with the project coordinator Prof. Jan De Maeseneer about supporting the family medicine in Africa or take a look at this short animation video (produced by the Global Health Workforce Alliance) visualising the issue at hand:

HURAPRIM booklet.pdf (1,82 MB)

HURAPRIM is funded under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) of the European Commission (Africa call 2010 - Grant agreement  N° 265727)