International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) consists of representatives of various international organizations, networks, institutions, movements,… being experts in the HURAPRIM topics. The board provides the research team with know-how, advice and contacts that improve research quality and the policy outputs.

If you are interested to join the IAB, please contact us >>>

Following experts have already become HURAPRIM advisors:

Wim van Lerberghe

Former Director, Department Human Resources for Health, WHO Geneva

David Egilman
David Egilman

Founder and President of the Board of Directors of Global Health through Education, Training and Service (GHETS), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving health in developing countries through innovations in education and service. Founding member of the 15by2015 campaign. Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and MD (Brown University).  Board certified in internal medicine and preventive-occupational medicine and graduated from the NIH Epidemiology Training program. Masters in Public Health (Harvard University).  Currently teaches at Brown and does research on the influence of corporations on science and health policy.

Victor Akpan Inem

Representative of WONCA Africa. Family Medicine Physician specialized in Primary Health Care. Member of the WONCA Committee on Research in Family Medicine and the WONCA Rural Working Party. Founding Editor of the Nigerian Journal of General Practice.  Senior Lecturer in Family Medicine at the University of Lagos and the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. 

William Burdick

 Foundation of Advancement  of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)

Robert Woollard
Robert Woolaard

Co-chair of the Global Consensus for Social Accountability of Medical Schools (GCSA) - Professor of Family Practice at the UBC with extensive national and international experience in the field of medical education, ecosystem health and international community development. Works extensively in the issue of the social accountability of medical schools.  Past chair of the accreditation system for medical schools in Canada. Has chaired senior committees, councils and task forces for the BCMA, CMA and the College of Family Physicians of Canada in the areas of medical education, environmental health and ethical relations with industry. Leading the development of five-way partnerships (policy makers/health managers/communities/ professional organizations/academy) to build responsive and responsible academic systems in support of responsive and responsible health care systems.

Inger B. Scheel

International Research Project on the use of lay/community health workers in vaccination programs

Sarah Kiguli

 Towards Unity for Health, Regional Representative for Africa

Charles Boelen
 Charle Boelen

Medical doctor (Belgium, 1966 ),specialized in public health (University of Montreal, Canada), epidemiology (McGill University,Montreal), health system management (Harvard and Stanford Universities, USA ) and education of health professionals (University of  Paris XIII, France ).During his thirty years with the World Health Organization (1972 to 2001), he developed worldwide human resources development projects in coordination with Ministries of Health and Higher Education, professional associations and academic institutions. Served at WHO Headquarters in Geneva (1988-2001) as coordinator of the program on human resources for health. He engages actually as an international consultant in health systems and personnel.

Amongst others, he authored the WHO strategy “Towards Unity for Health” aiming at making the best use of health resources, including human resources, with emphasis on integration of individual and public health activities and on partnership among key stakeholders: policy-makers, health service managers, health professions, academic institutions and civil society.

Mubashar Sheikh

Mubasjar Sheikh

Executive Director of the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWFA)(

Dr. Sheikh is a medical doctor with masters in Public Health. Specialist in Health System Policy and Planning. Dr. Sheikh has a distinguished career as an international public health expert, practitioner and manager, serving for over two decades in leadership positions at national, regional and global levels. In Pakistan, he was the chief architect and coordinator of the Lady Health Workers Programme, actually covering a population of over 100 million.  

As Exedcutive Director of the GHWFA, he is advancing the vision, mandate and objectives of the Alliance ensuring all people, everywhere, have access to a skilled, motivated and supported health worker within a robust health system. He is also builidng networks of collaboration with UN and partner organisations, governments, and other major multi-sectoral interlocutors, and promoting and cataylzing global and country support to resolve the human resources for health crisis, ailing at universal access to health care and achievement of Millenium Development Goals.      

Gini Williams

TB Project Director at the International Council of Nurses (ICN)