Objective 1: scope and causes

Assessing and analyzing the scope and causes of the deficit in human resources for primary health care in Africa

The main aim is to arrive at a better understanding of the scope and causes HR deficit in primary health care in Africa, with a view to develop and test interventions to address this problem.

This aim is reached through 4 tasks:

  1. Literature reviews on the availability of health workers and the scope of the shortage.
  2. Participatory research wit stakeholders in selected districts to collect information on the reasons for this deficit.
  3. Confidential enquiries into maternal and child deaths in Mali and Uganda. Read more>>>
  4. In depth interviews and surveys with migrant health workers to find out their reasons for migration or possible motivational factors to return to the health sector of their country of origin. Read more>>>

Oxford University coordinates this preliminary research. It collected and integrated all valuable outcomes in a comprehensive report on the scope and causes of the deficit in human health resources in Africa.