Objective 3: ethical considerations

The ethical dimensions of the human resources crisis in health care

The issue of HR for primary health care in Africa has important ethical dimensions that require constant ethical reflection.
For example on the issue of brain drain, evidence shows that a lot of measures for mitigating the negative consequences of brain drain in health care so far, limit the individual rights of the migrant health care worker and do not have a positive effect on the health care situation in the country of origin.

The HURAPRIM project will be attentive to these complex considerations and engages itself to formulate ethically sound strategies and recommendations.

Main objectives:
  1. Assess the ethical consequences of the HRcrisis in health care for the needs of patients, caregivers and health care workers;
  2. Reflect on specific socio-cultural, economic, political and historic influences on the principles for allocating available resources in order to address the ethical consequences and to propose approaches for improving current conditions;
  3. Design an ethical frame of reference, appropriate to stimulate the debate;
  4. Integrate ethical dimensions in the final recommendations.

The research in this field is led by the Medical University of Vienna. The final report can be consulted here.